Swami Pranavananda Vidya Mandir

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education.
An Establishment of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

Principal’s Message

This world was not built in a day. It took many years of sacrifices and uphill struggle to construct this, and yet after overcoming all those hardships this world is still to be perfected. We mankind are the best creation of God, but unfortunately an ideal world is still very alien to us. Well the reason is very simple, "we forgot what our ancestors went through", we forgot their sacrifices in world wars, we forgot their struggle for freedom and independence, but most of all we forgot the true meaning of being human. Our forefathers gifted us a free independent world, their sweet fruit of hard work and believed that we would treasure it and craft it sweeter for our coming legacies. Instead we took the air of peace and freedom for granted and became more selfish and greedy. Today at an individual ground we are or might be succeeding and developing, but at the cost of loss of an ideal world, resulting –corruption, terrorism etc.

But as Einstein said that "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything". So the aim of Pranavananda Academy is to build a man of success, a man of wisdom, one who knows to owe his forefathers for giving such a magnificent world, who understands the true meaning of being human. The main aim of education is to remove all the differences, whether it is communal, racial, economical etc, and that can only be done by understanding ones share of responsibility towards other. So with right attitude and right approach we will build the capable and responsible bearers of the future.

Principal-Anita Rawat
Pranavananda Academy promises a very enchanting environmental envelope for children to learn, grow & spread their wings.